20% off all Prescription Foot Orthotics

So How Do Foot Orthotics Help?…

Think of it like this… When cracks appear in a house, or strange noises start happening from floor boards… it’s a warning sign that something might not be right with the foundations of that house and it’s not going to be long before you’re going to need to call in the experts to look at those foundations (or risk the whole house coming crashing down whilst you’re in it).

And your body is much the same… only it’s your FEET which act as the VITAL foundations to important joints and when strange noises like “click, clunks and cracks” start to appear from say your knee back or ankle joints, if they don’t get looked at and “firmed up”, they will only get worse.

Adding Prescription Foot Orthotics to your shoes and wearing them every day is like propping up your body and giving it some much needed support that is going to let you keep active for longer than anyone else and do it with much less pain.

Tip: If your feet are in the wrong position, then so too are ankle, knee, hip and lower back joints… and if left long enough, neck and shoulder joints are affected too and is often the reason why many people end up with an unhealthy and very funny looking posture that they don’t want.

Initial assessment and 1 pair of orthotics £299 to £239 (Saving of £60)
Any further pairs of orthotics or sandals £249 to £199 (Saving of £50)