How to Get The best physiotherapist Solihull has to offer? Great question and one we get asked alot so we thought we would write and post to help you.

We all want the best right and we all want a specialist, especially when it comes to our health. There is nothing more important than our health so if you are in physical pain and need help how do you get the best physiotherapist Solihull has to offer? How do you make sure that you are getting the very best help you can.


There are THREE key areas that you want to look at to get the best physiotherapist in Solihull and anywhere else for that matter.

1: Reviews: if you can see reviews you know you are on the right track but make sure that there at least 15 reviews, If you really want to see the best physiotherapist Solihull has then ask for their reviews and never book without seeing them.

2: Website: Check out their website. Now I know that a website doe not prove anything but what it does do is give you a reference point that will allow you to make a better decision. A professional physiotherapist will have a website so check it out, read through the pages and make sure that it makes sense to you.

3: Qualifications: Ask for qualifications and make sure that the physio is professional. Speak to them before you book as you never know what they will be like. Imagine getting to the physio and finding out it looks terrible and don’t connect with them? Awkward.

So what do physiotherapists treat and should you see one?

So often we think that we need to be struggling to get out of a wheelchair, or unable to move or be in constant pain before we visit the physiotherapist but nothing is further from the truth.

The best physiotherapists will tell you that your body should ever get to that state and to come in and get yourself checked out or if you experience the following.

1: You’ve lost balance

2: You are in physical pain

3: You cannot move in the way you want or used to

4: Have disturbed sleep

5: You have constant pain.

There are other reasons too, you may play sports, have arthritis or a recurring problem but the key is not to leave it to the last minute. Your body is like a machine and needs looking after. In our experience, people leave it so late coming to us at our physiotherapist clinic in Solihull than it costs them more money and pain than it needs do, so don’t wait.

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We hope you enjoyed this article to help you make the best decision you can about finding exactly the right person for you and of course the very best physiotherapist Solihull has to offer,

Phil and the team