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"How To Make An Easy Change To What You Wear On Your Feet BEFORE Joint Pain And Muscle Stiffness Prematurely Ends Your Active And Healthy Lifestyle…”

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A Personal Message from Specialist Physiotherapist, Phil Evans  

Imagine How NICE It Would Be If Every Time You Took A Simple Walk With Friends, Did Some Exercise Or Played A Round Of Golf, You KNEW That Your Vital Joints Were Being PROTECTED (…Meaning Less Pain At The Time OR Even When You Wake Up The Next Day)

It’s NOT for debate that most people ARE walking around every day wearing the wrong types of shoes – ones that are DANGEROUS to their long-term health.

Whether it’s driven by vanity or naivety… I’m not sure, but it’s a BIG problem in today’s society and it’s hurting people of ALL ages and it’s happening because most shoes offer little or NO support to your vital joints when you’re on your feet all day long.

And if you’re the type of person who loves to be active and healthy and is nearly always on the go… it is going to cause problems with joints and muscles that really begin to surface when you hit 40, are more noticeable when you’re 50, and staring you right in the face almost daily, when you hit 60.

Whether you love to take a long walk with friends, like to run with club mates after work, or even play golf on a weekend and hope to make it all the way to the 18th WITHOUT being forced to stop because of nagging joint pain or tight muscles, then you are likely to benefit from the latest foot scanning technology that I have recently invested in, which is now making the most accurate and comfortable Prescription Foot Orthotics in the Midlands.

More good news… from now on, you DON’T have to keep changing your footwear to find a solution to ease joint pain, you can FORGET always having to try some other new stretches to ease muscle tension and there will be no more need to take any painkillers to try and mask the next day aches and pains that so often come because of exercising or being active (whilst wearing the wrong footwear).  

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