Pilates Classes in Solihull

  • Do you want to reduce your aches & pains?
  • Learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor?
  • Do you want to become more flexible and improve your posture?
  • Do you want to discover 2 exercises that could help reduce your back ache right now?

Pilates Classes in Solihull with Urban Body

We are here to help you stand taller, feel stronger and move with confidence with our Pilates Classes in Solihull. We provide small group classes and individual 1:1/2:1 sessions ensuring clients are given individual advice and hands-on attention throughout the session.

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Our Pilates team teaches the highest standard and it provides a safe but effective way to exercise in our Pilates sessions and classes. Each week we incorporate the principles of Pilates into a different theme, keeping the sessions up to date, varied and highly effective. All the equipment is provided for you. Nic Bausch. Pilates classes in Solihull All our Pilates classes are Beginner-friendly – our team of instructors will help guide you through moves and exercises (giving options where needed) so that everyone can leave the class feeling taller, stronger and ready to take on the world again. No obligation, no pressure, just the opportunity to give Pilates a go and see how you feel. If you’ve wanted to try and class but were worried that you can’t touch your toes, or you’ll be the only one in the class who won’t be able to keep up – let us help – we’ll show you that anyone can do this. Our classes are full of people just like you so fill out the form below and get more information. We look forward to seeing you at Pilates classes in Solihull.

  • Simple safe exercises that will help to reduce aches and stiffness!
  • A Pilates routine taught by experienced instructors that will increase strength and movement!
  • Tips to take away after the class on how to improve posture and release tension!


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