Sports Massage in Solihull

At Urban Body, your pain becomes our mission. We aim to reduce, treat and prevent any discomfort or ache from happening again. 

Our team of experienced physiotherapists have undertaken additional training to ensure the best experience possible. 

Whether you are an active person who takes regular exercise or suffer from muscular tension, sports massage help alleviate your aches and pains.

What to expect from a sports massage?

Designed to help you regain your mobility, sports massage incorporates various hands-on massage techniques which will elevate muscle or tendon pain of any stress placed on bones and joints. 

Sports massage improve your well-being and enhance your self-esteem. Therefore, the massage will automatically benefit you by improving blood circulation and assisting the venous flow of blood back to the heart. 

Our physiotherapists will run an assessment before your appointment, so they are able to locate your pain threshold and suggest the right technique that is right got you. 

At Urban Body, our physiotherapists are trained to ensure a carefully designed massage therapy right for your need so you make the most out of your visit.

Is sports massage right for me?

From active professionals to office workers, a sports massage might be the right therapy technique.  It is meant to reduce muscle tensions and improve your mobility and health. 

Our intention is to customise and cater a massage right for you.

So whether you are:

  • Someone who is new to massage and wants to find a way to relax and improve mental health
  •  Someone who wants to reduce muscular discomfort
  • Someone who wants to improve sports performance and posture
  • Someone who is struggling with chronic pain and stiffness

The Urban Body team of physiotherapists will help you take a step forward to your mobility and improve your condition.

Massage and Sports massage is a 100% natural, safe, and effective remedy to reduce your stress, and improve your quality of life!

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But clinical research has consistently proven sports massage therapy can also provide you with several health benefits you may not be aware of!

Massage therapy at Urban Body Physiotherapy clinic:

Our team of physiotherapists will make sure each session will include as much treatment, advice and education as you can take. Each step of the process will ensure continual, lifelong mobility. 

We intend to restore and improve your condition by implying all therapy techniques in order to reduce the physical stress placed on bones and joints and diminish anxiety by relaxing both mind and body.

By choosing a sports massage as part of your rehabilitation journey, does not only reduce muscular pain and speed the healing process of an injury, it also boosts up your confidence and reduces the risks of future injuries.

Take Advantage of Our Experts With a Massage and Sports Massage in Solihull

What also makes a massage at Urban Body unique, is that our massage therapists work alongside our Physiotherapists who are specialists in dealing with musculoskeletal injuries.

Meaning, we want to make sure that your message is not only a relaxing, enjoyable experience but that it is also SAFE and will NOT cause you to be in more pain.

We offer a variety of different packages to meet your needs and we also invite you to come and try a free 30 minute treatment with us. This will allow you to experience the benefits massage can have, take some time for relaxation and reduce any tightness or niggles in muscles.