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To claim your free Physiotherapy assessment, simply click on the button below and enter your details.



To claim your free Physiotherapy assessment, simply click on the button below and enter your details.


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My situation before seeing Phil was a dislocated knee, snapped ACL & shattered my tibia/knee. My leg, knee and ACL were all reconstructed, plated and screwed. Significant rehabilitation (including learning to walk again) required following 6 months non weight bearing and a further 3 months partially weight bearing.

A second round of rehabilitation was then required following removal of the metalwork 24 months after the initial injury.

The injury and subsequent surgical procedures resulted in significant soft tissue damage, significant muscle wastage, swelling/pain around the knee and a reduction in range.

Phil used acupuncture which reduced the swelling/pain in my knee in the later stages of the second round of rehab. This enabled me to push on with the rehab and my exercises. I have been skeptical with regards to acupuncture following a prior experience on my back to relieve back problems but the treatment on my knee really did work. The swelling/pain essentially dissipated within an hour of the acupuncture.

I had no reservations going to Urban Body. I have also asked Phil a number of times for general advice regarding my rehabilitation in addition to appointments. Phil has an excellent reputation.

Phil is extremely professional in both his technical ability and appearance. Keen to crack on and push the patient which I like. Phil also worked in harmony with other clinicians and a personal trainer with whom I have been working with for the duration of my rehabilitation. In summary, Phil appeared genuinely interested in my rehabilitation and I am very thankful for this. It has been a long road…!

Will Meddings

My situation before I came to see Phil was DIRE!!! I have lower back/pelvic pain which was locking me up, restricting the most basic of movement.

My only concern was I came to him ‘blindly’: with no recommendation, only info on line and an objective review I saw on a comparative site. I was particularly distressed when Phil resorted to acupuncture to ease my excruciating pain: never welcomed the idea of needles. However, Phil managed to settle my nerves and now I’m an advocate of them… go figure!

There were many sessions over a long period of time: combination of steady treatment and sporadic treatments which meant a lot of flexibility and sensitivity to my needs. Knowing that Phil is there, always accommodating, with such a warm, easy going and gentle disposition, helps even pain be more manageable!

The best result I have achieved from seeing Urban Body is being able to resume my workouts, dancing, resuming tennis!!!

Carol Samuel

The situation before I came to Urban Body was that I had an operation to my left foot which was successful, however I developed considerable pain to the metatarsal and left ankle. When I was finally discharged from the hospital I explained to my specialist the pain I was still experiencing unfortunately he informed me that due to the arthritis I would not be able to play my favourite sport which is tennis.

The only reservations I had was I wasn’t sure you could do anything to help.

The whole process was brilliant, after each visit there was great improvement to both my foot and ankle.

The best result was not having any pain in my foot or ankle but best of all back to playing my favourite game tennis pain free and only after four weeks of treatment.

Margret Dugan

I had chronic back issues, had seen three other physiotherapists and consultants to no avail. If anything I was getting worse. I could not even get off the sofa due to the pain. With in a month of seeing Phil I was on the road to recovery at last.

I had no reservations at all!

The process was very patient friendly. I could text Phil and he would come back straight away with options. Clinics are available out of normal hours.

I now have NO back issues now, back golfing, skiing and anything else I want to throw myself into. Back to normality!!

Mary Corridan