If you are suffering with reoccurring pain in your shoulders, we have put together some top tips to prevent shoulder pain and improve your mobility.

Specialist Sports Therapist Tom Gallagher gives his top tips to prevent shoulder
pain and improve your mobility.


Over the last few months, we have noticed an increase in shoulder injuries coming through our door. With the nice weather coming out, there’s no doubt that people have been doing a little DIY, gardening, or getting out and getting involved in sporting activities again.

However, if this is your first-time putting stress on your shoulder without the correct warmups or exercises, there’s a very real chance that you can injury yourself and put an end to the activities you love doing.

This can be through a variety of injuries including rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, bicep tendonitis or a previous dislocation.

Luckily, we have our resident Sports Therapist, Tom Gallagher on hand to give you some stellar exercises that will prevent injury and increase your mobility. Check them out below.

Exercise #1

Our first exercise is designed to improve mobility of your shoulder joint.

You will need:

– Towel or cloth
– Flat wall surface

Place the towel flat to the wall with you palms spread flat, keeping it in place. Then, gently lift your arms up and down the wall whilst keeping the towel in place. You desired goal is to get a great range of motion whilst remaining pain free.

Exercise #2

The second exercise focus more on your affected area.

You will need:

– A short cylindrical object

For this exercise, place both of your hands flat on either side of the cylindrical object, using a small amount of force to hold it in place. Then, slowly begin to raise your arms towards your affected side up and down whilst keeping slight pressure on the object. Again, the trick is to get a wide range of motion without any pain.

Exercise #3

This exercise aims to gain range on your affected side.

You will need:

– Towel or cloth

Grab the towel with your unaffected arm and raise it above your head and behind your back. With your affected arm, grab the hanging towel at the bottom of your back. Then, with your unaffected hand, slowly begin to pull the towel above your head whilst still holding at the bottom with your affected arm. Ensure you slowly gain that range of motion with no more than a 3/10 on your personal pain scale.

Exercise #4

If you enjoyed the previous exercises and could deal with them relatively pain free, then try this one to really work the shoulder joint.

You will need:

– A resistance band

Firstly, grab the resistance band in both hands and lock your elbows firmly into your side. Then, with your affected arm, begin to slowly pull against the resistance band whilst keeping your other arm locked. You should only be moving your affected arm. Repeat this until you can comfortably get a wide field of range with the resistance band in place.

We hope these exercises helped you on your recovery journey. However, if you are suffering with severe or chronic shoulder pain, you should always see a professional for a full diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan just for you.

If you are suffering with shoulder pain or any chronic lasting pain, please reach out to us so we can begin to help you and get  you back to doing all of the things you love this year.

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