Why We LOVE Physiotherapy and Massages


The month of love is upon us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we took time to reflect on what we LOVE about being Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists here at Urban Body.


1. Get to transform people’s lives.

Perhaps the most powerful effect of really great physiotherapy is its ability to help people feel different: to give them confidence to try something that’s been too painful or frightening to do for a long time; to take control of their lives; to breathe more easily; to stand on their own again; to move more freely; to be happier…Physiotherapists do this every day, and rarely give themselves the credit they deserve for their transformative power.


2. Get to know people, not just bodies.

Physiotherapy has always been about the people that come through the door. We have had the privilege to get to know so many fantastic people and see their brilliant transformation; from coming in suffering with pains and unable to do activities they once could, to making a full recovery and being pain free and getting back to doing the things they love.


3. Watching the journey to improvement

One of the most rewarding parts of being a Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists is watching the patient improve with every session. The beginning and after comparison are vital, but the journey is all important. Making progress with every session shows encouragement with the patient and keeps everyone motivated to strive harder and keep going.


4. Always Learning

Physiotherapy is a profession that gives to itself and is constantly changing. Here at Urban Body, we keep up to date with the latest research to make sure that our treatment is evidence based and clinically effective. We also offer a wide variety of courses for our dedicated team of Physiotherapists so they can advance their skillset and ultimately lead to providing the best treatment possible.


5. Moving with the Patients

At Urban Body, we regularly recommend that patients exercise, stretch and move more to aid as part of their progress journey. Usually, we make this part of our bespoke sessions with the patients which encourages us to move more as well, it is a very symbiotic relationship. We also get to see the patients build new knowledge that will last with them forever.



If you are suffering with chronic pain and not doing the things you used to love, then get in touch with our friendly and amazing team at Urban Body. We love what we do, and we love the help we can bring to helping people reclaim their lives.

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